Unemployment increased in the Conurbano: it reaches 11.4%

The metropolitan region registers 754,000 unemployed and 924,000 underemployed, out of an active population of 7,215,000. In other words, one of four locals and Buenos Aires has employment problems.

The Сonurbano registers a strong labor dissatisfaction in that the occupied and underemployed applicants of other employment climbs to 28.9%.

Women registered unemployment of 12.7%, higher than 10.5% among men. The youngest also suffer more from unemployment, especially women under 29 years old: 25.8% compared to 18.2% among men.

In the suburbs, labor informality (“Salaried without retirement discount”) is 37.7% and in the City of Buenos Aires 23.3%. The average amounts to 35.3%

Among the cities surveyed by the INDEC, with 12.8%, Rosario and Mar del Plata registered the highest unemployment rate. The first with an increase of 5.2 points compared to the same period of 2017 (it was 7.6%). And Mar del Plata grew 3.5 points. Unemployment fell in Resistencia, La Plata and San Juan.

Rosario figures with a fall greater than the average of the employment rate (from 42.8 to 40.7%), which is attributed to the lower industrial activity. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate climbed from 7.6 to 12.8%, underemployment also stood at 12.8% and salaried employees without retirement discount (“in black”) amounted to 32.2%.

Also in Rosario, women are more affected by unemployment because it rises to 16% compared to 10.1% among men. Among younger women (less than 29 years old) it jumps to 31%.

On the other hand, Resistencia (Chaco) registered only 1.6% unemployment, falling 4.5 points in relation to the end of 2017 measurement. In addition, in Resistencia, employment increased from 35.8% to 37.3%.

In labor informality (“employees without retirement discount”) it went up from 34.2% to 35.3% in one year. And Salta stands out with 46.5%, Tucumán with 45.9%, Santiago del Estero with 45.5%, San Luis with 43.7% and San Juan with 43.2%.

On the other side, Ushuaia-Rio Grande has 9.5% informality, Rio Gallegos with 18.2% and Comodoro Rivadavia with 18.9%.

Women are the most affected by unemployment. While among men it is 8.2%, in women it jumps to 10.2%. And the most affected are women under 29, with 21.4% of unemployment, versus 15.4% among men of those ages.