Unemployment increased in the Conurbano: it reaches 11.4%

The metropolitan region registers 754,000 unemployed and 924,000 underemployed, out of an active population of 7,215,000. In other words, one of four locals and Buenos Aires has employment problems.

The –°onurbano registers a strong labor dissatisfaction in that the occupied and underemployed applicants of other employment climbs to 28.9%.

Women registered unemployment of 12.7%, higher than 10.5% among men. The youngest also suffer more from unemployment, especially women under 29 years old: 25.8% compared to 18.2% among men.

In the suburbs, labor informality (“Salaried without retirement discount”) is 37.7% and in the City of Buenos Aires 23.3%. The average amounts to 35.3%

Among the cities surveyed by the INDEC, with 12.8%, Rosario and Mar del Plata registered the highest unemployment rate. The first with an increase of 5.2 points compared to the same period of 2017 (it was 7.6%). And Mar del Plata grew 3.5 points. Unemployment fell in Resistencia, La Plata and San Juan.

Rosario figures with a fall greater than the average of the employment rate (from 42.8 to 40.7%), which is attributed to the lower industrial activity. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate climbed from 7.6 to 12.8%, underemployment also stood at 12.8% and salaried employees without retirement discount (“in black”) amounted to 32.2%.

Also in Rosario, women are more affected by unemployment because it rises to 16% compared to 10.1% among men. Among younger women (less than 29 years old) it jumps to 31%.

On the other hand, Resistencia (Chaco) registered only 1.6% unemployment, falling 4.5 points in relation to the end of 2017 measurement. In addition, in Resistencia, employment increased from 35.8% to 37.3%.

In labor informality (“employees without retirement discount”) it went up from 34.2% to 35.3% in one year. And Salta stands out with 46.5%, Tucum√°n with 45.9%, Santiago del Estero with 45.5%, San Luis with 43.7% and San Juan with 43.2%.

On the other side, Ushuaia-Rio Grande has 9.5% informality, Rio Gallegos with 18.2% and Comodoro Rivadavia with 18.9%.

Women are the most affected by unemployment. While among men it is 8.2%, in women it jumps to 10.2%. And the most affected are women under 29, with 21.4% of unemployment, versus 15.4% among men of those ages.

Winifred Gerald

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