NASA Spacesuit Idea Rocket Hot Pants Fashion to The Moon

 Can shielding cosmonauts from temperature extremes and oxygen deprivation also be trendy? That is the question on Twitter’s mind since NASA shared an image of an astronaut terrifying on the moon’s surface. NASA is very excited about the notion of returning astronauts to the moon in 2024, however, there is much to be done if the space agency has some hope of meeting that deadline. If astronauts step on the lunar surface, they are going to want new spacesuits because the Apollo era ones are older and funky.

On Wednesday, NASA tweeted the question, What will astronauts wear on moonwalks in five years? The bureau said it is working on choices for design drawings for astronauts to explore the lunar surface and also help create our lunar future. The render NASA shared is a notion about what a moonsuit may look like. I stared at it and thought it looked just like a t-shirt and shorts over leggings. I wasn’t the only one. Space fans had a couple of comments. I really like You NASA, but can we create the spacesuits without it looking as the astronaut is wearing shorts and a t-shirt, one Twitter user stated.

Is that suit designed to make the astronaut look like they’re wearing a crop top and hot pants? Another asked. There were plenty of design suggestions, including a petition for suits that seem less like marshmallows or something low cut which looks cute with a boot. The rendered moonsuit has a great deal in common with the suits used for spacewalks on the International Space Station, which prove NASA is not any stranger to the shorts look. Colored stripes on the legs assist NASA to differentiate between astronauts when they are working outside the ISS. SPACESUIT HAPPENINGS. See Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit all fixed up.

NASA scrubs first spacewalk over suit sizing. NASA will not be capable to please everyone. I sort of like the pants look. It goes smoothly from the lunar surface right in a roller derby match. It says I am here to learn more about the moon, but I also like to kick back and have fun following a long day of science. Think about this as the spiritual thread of fashion between the modern moon mission as well as the go-go Apollo times of the 60s and 70s.

Now can we please take a moon suit with a bell bottoms?