Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Be the Name of Samsung’s Upcoming Smartphone

First of all, we noted the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 name during an official presentation on the firm’s Korean campus the first time Samsung has acknowledged the much-rumored handset’s name.

What we observed was the ‘Galaxy Note 10’ name in an image (which we weren’t allowed to photograph) showing what we had been told is a rough render of a reference device which is not consultant of what the phone will look like when it launches.

Then, the following day throughout a round-table discussion with Samsung CEO DJ Koh, the Galaxy Note 10 name was mentioned once more.

In reply to a question at Bixby, Koh briefly title-checked the handset on the end of his answer, saying “and for our Galaxy Note 10, it will be another phase for Bixby”.

While it is not clear whether there will be new features for Bixby launching alongside the Note 10, or whether Koh was confirming that Samsung’s smart assistant will continue to be a feature on its upcoming gadget, we could not have to wait much longer to find out.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date is tipped for 7th August, although we are still waiting on confirmation from Samsung officials as to when it plans to launch its next super-sized phone to the world.