Construction Workers Saved Lives from A Fire In The Apartment

Mason Fierro is called hero after catching a two-month-old child, woman, and toddler from an apartment window during a fire in north-eastern Albuquerque Friday.

The development worker informed he and others have been putting a roof on the building next door when the flames started.

A person was screaming from a window on the second story of the apartment complex with the child and toddler hanging out of the window. The rest of the construction crew had been bringing ladders over when Fierro informed the person to drop his kids.

“He dropped her. I caught her. Then they carry out another little boy, two or three years old, then we caught him as nicely,” Fierro mentioned.

Lt. Tom Ruiz, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Fire Rescue, instructed the fire sent three individuals to the hospital. The two children have been taken to the hospital by family, and one individual was taken by ambulance for smoke inhalation. All are in a stable condition, Ruiz mentioned.

The apartment complex was “a complete loss,” he mentioned. The reason for the fire is under investigation.

Ruiz stated that even though firefighters had been on scene within five minutes, he is glad Fierro and the other staff have been quick to act.

“Those individuals were in dire need of rescue weren’t able to wait on us,” Ruiz mentioned.

Fierro stated he shouldn’t be the one getting praise, although, because he could not have done it without the assistance of the rest of the crew.

“Those kids are alive due to what those construction workers did quickly and concisely,” Ruiz stated.

Ruiz additionally stated the fire department doesn’t recommend trying a rescue without the proper gear.

“That is something we’d like for them to leave to us,” he mentioned. “Those construction staff already had the equipment. They made the choice to act and what can be more commended than anything else.”