A Girl Got Infected by Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Virginia Beach

Amanda Edwards can laugh today considering back on her potentially fatal health scare after spending just ten minutes within the water at a Virginia Beach.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my god. my leg is gonna fall off,'” she said. “That’s the one thing I could keep thinking.”

She informed she contracted a flesh-eating staph infection throughout a day of fun at Norfolk’s Ocean View Beach. She mentioned the infection spread rapidly.

“The way it was spreading, it was going up my leg,” Edwards defined.

It happened last week.

“I was like, ‘It’s really hot. Let’s go to the beach.’ So, we went outside to the beach. I was only within the water for maybe like 10 minutes,” she defined.

The next day, the fun was over.

I observed this thing that came on my leg. I ignored it for a couple of days, and it just began getting bigger and bigger to the point where I couldn’t walk anymore,” she defined.

She stated doctors handled the infection and mentioned the bacteria possibly got into her skin by an open cut.

“They had to cut me open, drain it out and stuff it with some gauze. I had to keep it covered for days,” Edwards, who was at the beach with friends, stated.

This was around the time there was a swimming advisory.

“Please check the news and ensure there is not an advisory out because there were no signs out there,” Edwards mentioned.