Companies Are Still Earning Well by Their Older Devices

The Walkman buried in your basement is likely to be someone’s hot new accessory. The retro-tech market is alive and kicking.

In May, Apple refreshed the iPod contact for the first time in four years. Vinyl record sales clocked in at 400 million on common over the past four years, based on information from data tracker Statista. DVD player sales are trending downward, however, they nonetheless consistently hit four million units sold each holiday quarter, even as recently as 2018.

Different devices that have stayed the course: camcorders, radios, clock radios, desk phones, and DVRs. Millions of those are still being used in US households in 2017, in keeping with Statista.

What drives individuals to proceed purchasing vinyl records, instant film cameras, and iPods, long after new merchandise have made those objects irrelevant.

Older devices have a lot of staying power as a result of they allow individuals to unplug from the fixed ping of smartphones and tablets.

“There’s a rising segment of people that wish to be disconnected however nonetheless have access to the issues they want,” stated Ryan Reith, program vice president of mobile devices at International Data Corporation, “So it fills a void in the market.”

Many vintage products appeal to a strong cult following. For instance, iPod lovers anticipate Apple’s product refreshes on social media and online forums.

Apple additionally seems to be targeting kids in its iPod advertising, in line with Paul Gagnon, government director of research and analysis at IHS Markit.

“The manufacturers are starting to build a young consumer base after which eventually transition them as they grow older to more expensive merchandise the corporate might also make,” he noted.