Razer Phone Still Lags Behind When It Comes to Updates

This month, customers on Reddit celebrated the first birthday for the original Razer Phone’s July security patch. That seems to be the last update the phone ever acquired, the July 2018 security patch which it obtained in September of the previous year. There was no update to Pie and security patch updates since. For a phone that only launched not even two years ago (19 months ago, to be precise), from an organization that we know has the assets to offer better support than what customers are seeing, that is super pathetic.

In February of this year, it was reported that job cuts and reassignments have been to hit Razer’s mobile division. Interestingly, Razer’s remark to that report was, “We see nice opportunities within the mobile gaming space that we created with the Razer Phone and can continue to invest in this category through a combination of hardware and software initiatives.”

That doesn’t specifically mention updates for the original Razer Phone. However, the firm also stated, “The Razer Phone 2 will proceed to be on sale, and we’re committed to supporting it with the latest updates and features.”

So, while the unique device didn’t obtain any specific mention of support, the Razer Phone 2 did. Funny enough, that device appears to be sitting with the April security patch currently. It’s now mid-July.

For a corporation new to the phone game, among the best ways, we could think of to show potential clients that you’re serious in regards to the business could be software updates. Support the device with the latest available builds of Android or at least maintain them up to date with security patches. We’re sure that takes quite the funding to pull off. However, customers are paying their hard-earned money for a device, and there’s a certain level of expectation with regards to software updates.