Storm On Area 51 Is Getting More Popular

An expert on UFOs stated Tuesday he is skeptical folks will follow through with their Facebook pledges to “storm Area 51.”

A Facebook event page went viral over the previous week, as more than 1 million users responded that they would go to the top-secret military installation on Sept. 20 at 3 a.m., with the creator writing “they cannot stop all of us.”

“If we naruto run, we can transfer faster than their bullets,” the event description mentioned, referencing a Japanese comic character known for his speed.

“Let’s see them, aliens.”

Nick Pope, who previously investigated UFOs for Britain’s Ministry of Defense, mentioned on “Fox & Friends First,” that the Facebook event has gotten “considerably out of hand.”

“They will not go, of course. I believe this shows the huge level of interest on this subject,” stated Pope, explaining that visitors to Area 51 can be more likely to find drones and “next-era aircraft” than UFOs or proof of aliens.

The social media campaign made national headlines because it grew last week, forcing the Air Force, which runs the installation, to reply and caution UFO enthusiasts towards traveling to the area.

Pope mentioned that “if the U.S. government did discover aliens, they did not inform us Brits,” referring to his work with the British government. He mentioned if something alien-related was ever at Area 51, it is “probably long gone” because the site has been so profoundly connected to conspiracy theories.

Area 51 is a plant near Groom Lake, run by the Air Force whose operations are extremely classified. It has been connected to alien conspiracy theories because of the testing of a spy plane in 1955 which the Central Intelligence Company first shed light on the military detachment.