Hackers Attack On Russian Federal Security Services

Russia’s security agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB), was targeted by hackers in what BBC Russia studies is possible “the largest data leak within the history of the work of Russian special services on the Internet.”

On 13 July, hackers operating under the name “0v1ru$” breached a significant information technology contractor of the FSB, the Moscow firm ” Sitek,” or SyTech, and stole 7.5 terabytes of knowledge. For reference, a terabyte can hold 500 hours’ worth of movies or 200,000 5-minute songs.

The hackers defaced the corporate’s homepage with a ” Yoba Face,” a Russian meme that denotes trolling, together with pictures that showcased proof of the breach. The 0v1ru$ hackers passed the info along to a bigger, more well-known hacking group Digital Revolution, which has targeted the FSB before.

It’s unclear whether or not 0v1ru$ is directly affiliated with the Digital Revolution. However, the latter passed the info along to media organizations and tweeted notable discoveries, suggesting that the FSB rename its activities “Project Collander” after the breach.

While the magnitude of the breach could also be historical, the data unearthed projects with targets that have been already known or suspected, Forbes reported. Nonetheless, the names, affiliates, and marks of the project have been kept secret before the hackers’ breach.

The unearthed cyber projects included a minimum of 20 non-public initiatives, and 0v1ru$ additionally launched the names of the SyTech project managers related to them. BBC Russia stated that none of the breached data contains Russian government secrets.