Google Is Working with Android TV Developer Hardware

It’s not all that usually that Google releases developer hardware for Android TV. However, we could be getting a new option sooner than expected. Apparently, Google is planning on releasing an ADT-3 developer kit for Android TV devs someday later this year.

@AndroidTV_Rumor on Twitter tweeted out what seems to be an internal document that claims ADT-3 is coming for Android TV app developers in Q4 of 2019. The document goes on to say something about an “official Android TV launch,” however the details on which can be cropped out, presumably to protect a source. Most certainly, that is speaking about Android Q seeing that the ADT-2 introduced Pie.

It’s been properly over a year since Google introduced the ADT-2 Android TV dongle for developers, however just a few months because it landed of their hands. To see an ADT-3 machine already on its way is shocking, to say the least.

This additionally brings up the question as to what has modified that requires another piece of developer hardware. Presumably, an ADT-3 Android TV developer system can be in a set-top box type factor, giving developers the ability to experiment with USB inputs or more powerful hardware in comparison with the somewhat limited ADT-2. Tuner hardware could be another possibility. Not too long ago, one user found a device codenamed “archer” in AOSP, and it appears possible that it could be this ADT-3 system. There’s nothing concrete to tie the two collectively, though.

In fact, whatever the ADT-3 ends up being, it’s extremely unlikely that it’ll ever end up in consumer’s hands, as was the case with previous Android TV developer hardware.