First Phone by Huawei Without Google Android

Ahead of releasing its operating outcomes next week protecting the first half of the year, Huawei has lastly revealed the first device that shall be based on its proprietary operating system that once appeared destined as the corporate’s Plan B for losing Android access because of the US ban. However, the first device getting the corporate’s Hongmeng OS won’t actually be a phone, as once assumed — it can instead be a TV with a smart display, the company announced at a launch event Friday for its first 5G phone in China.

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer enterprise group, stated as a part of Friday’s announcement that the corporate wants the new TVs it’s formally calling “Smart Screens” to be the central entertainment and communications hub in customers’ living rooms. And these TVs based on Huawei’s Hongmeng operating system will launch next month.

The beleaguered Chinese electronics big hasn’t revealed too much at this level about the OS that they rapidly touted as a defensive measure after the US ban was put in place. The corporate stated it had actually been long at work on a replacement for Android if one was ever wanted, then trademarked a number of names for such an OS including Hongmeng and Ark.

However, Huawei earlier this month appeared to reverse course a however when an organization executive mentioned that, really, the corporate preferred to stay with Android for its phones and was hopeful the US ban could be lifted. It had been assumed the corporate was holding Hongmeng ready within the wings for its phones. However, today underscores report from recent days that, really, the Hongmeng OS would be used to power connected gadgets and web of issues products.