All About Fortnite Season 10

Season 10 of Fortnite is nearly upon us. The next season of Epic’s popular battle royale game officially kicks off on all platforms this Thursday, August 1, and because the developer traditionally does before each seasonal changeover, it has begun dropping a couple of teaser pictures, which appear to hint at some kind of time warp theme for the brand new season.

The first teaser, which you’ll see below, was shared forward of the finals of the Fortnite World Cup. The tweet simply reads, “Think Back,” and features an image of Dusty Depot, which was famously destroyed by a giant meteor and have become Dusty Divot all the way back in Season 4. This appears to suggest the beloved area could be making a return in Season 10.

The second teaser picture, which dropped earlier today, features what seems to be some kind of new mech that is coming to the game. “Look Forward,” the tweet reads, which again hints at some sort of space-time disruption taking place within the new season. You can take a look at the second teaser below. What may be more notable than the mech is the symbols on the sides. The one on the left matches a logo adorned on The Customer, a skin from back in Season 4. This subtle reference would possibly recommend the skin or character is making a comeback in some capacity.

Each seasonal changeover in Fortnite is often preceded by some world-changing event, and earlier this month, a giant robot did battle with the monster that was previously frozen beneath Polar Peak. The mech was ultimately capable of defeat the monster by impaling it with a giant sword hidden beneath Neo Tilted. However, the Vault in Loot Lake was broken throughout the confrontation and is turning into increasingly unstable, which could be the catalyst for whatever time-related event leads to Season 10.