A Woman Lost Her Leg and Arm Due to The Infection by Dog’s Saliva

Welcome home smooches left this Ohio lady a paraplegic.

When hairstylist Marie Trainer returned from a Caribbean trip May 10 with her husband, their two dogs excitedly greeted them with a number of licks.

However, by the next night, Marie was exhibiting flu-like signs, feeling nauseous and achy, along with her temperature rising after which plummeting to 93 degrees — at which point hubby Matthew Trainer rushed her to the emergency room.

In critical care at Aultman Hospital, medical doctors shortly realized Marie had sepsis, an immune response to infection, and her condition was deteriorating.

“If we didn’t proceed with the amputations, it was going to result in her death, and rapidly,” Marie’s step-daughter Gina Premier, a nurse practitioner at Aultman, tells.

Marie was put right into a medically induced coma, with large blood clots forming and restricting her blood flow, inflicting necrosis and gangrene and forcing doctors to amputate her hands and legs.

“It was so rapid in development,” says Premier. “There was nothing they could do.”

The Trainer was in a coma for 10 days, had a complete of eight surgeries, and spent 80 days within the hospital — but she lived.

“It was very hard to search out when they first told me, and that they needed to remove my legs and my arms,” said Marie, her eyes welling with tears. Her last memory before being hospitalized is laying down on her sofa, feeling unwell.