iOS 13 Will Include More Privacy Features

Privacy has been a renewed deal with Apple’s next operating system update. One new function in iOS 13 that appears centered on consumer privacy could have sweeping consequences for messaging and online call apps.

In iOS 13, Apple is not going to allow apps to run voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) within the background when the packages aren’t actively in use. Many apps that offer VoIP providers at present run within the background, and they’ll need to be rewritten to adjust to Apple’s upcoming guidelines. The change is slated to roll out when iOS 13 is launched in September. However, app builders will get a grace interval, and they have until April 2020 to comply.

Apple has been putting privacy at the front and center of its business, especially as many tech corporations make headlines for data breaches or misuse of personal data. iOS 13 will include multiple updates centered on giving customers more control over how and when apps can get their info, such as one-time location sharing and a “Sign in with Apple” system.

VoIP services ostensibly keep running within the background so they can connect calls quickly, however additionally they let those apps collect details about what customers are doing on their devices. Restricting the applications that may simply be open at any time on its mobile hardware fits the narrative, Apple is crafting about being a trusted place for customer privacy in an increasingly untrustworthy industry.