Tarrant County Has Contracted With West Nile Virus

Tarrant County health officials said a resident on the northwest side of the county has contracted a gentle type of the West Nile virus.

Officials on Wednesday mentioned that is the first human case of the virus confirmed in Tarrant County in 2019. No different details are being launched to protect the individual’s identity.

West Nile is a virus usually spread by infected mosquitoes.

This case is the commonest, non-neuroinvasive, type of the illness, based on the Tarrant County Public Health department.

Symptoms of this type of West Nile include headaches, fever, muscle, and joint aches, nausea, and fatigue. Folks usually recover on their own, though signs could last for several weeks, officers say.

Last year, there have been 18 human cases of West Nile virus reported in Tarrant County. The first one was on 23 July 2018, health records present.

Health officials suggest residents do what they’ll to protect themselves from the virus, such as putting EPA-approved insect repellent on themselves and wearing long sleeves and pants when outside. In addition, they recommend residents be sure that they dump out any standing water

The more severe kind is known as West Nile Neuroinvasive Illness, which might be deadly. Symptoms of that include disorientation, muscle weakness, neck stiffness, coma, tremors, and even paralysis.