Security Issues in WhatsApp Can Send Fake Messages

WhatsApp security flaws revealed by safety researchers at this year’s Black Hat conference would permit someone to faux messages from you.

Verify Level Analysis says that it discovered three alternative ways to use the vulnerability, together with the ability to put words in your mouth.

The analysis team stated that there are two other ways of making it appear you mentioned something you didn’t.

A threat actor may:

  • Use the “quote” feature in a bunch conversation to alter the identity of the sender, even when that individual is not a member of the group.
  • Alter the text of someone else’s reply, primarily putting words in their mouth.

In the first case, something written by another person could be modified to seem that it was written by you. Within the second, something you did write might be freely edited when quoted by anyone else within the chat. The unique text would stay unchanged. However, anyone viewing the quoted text would see the doctored version. You can see this one demonstrated within the video below.

Additionally, Check Point discovered a way to fool you into mixing up private and non-private messages. Facebook was capable of repair that one; however, worryingly, the corporate says it isn’t practical to repair the other two WhatsApp security flaws, although it was instructed about them a year ago.

The issue is that WhatsApp makes use of end-to-end encryption. The vulnerability relies on the truth that a participant within the group can, of course, access the decrypted model of the messages. Nevertheless, Facebook can’t, so says it’s unable to intervene in this type of within-chat attack.