New Messaging Feature By Apple

Not each update to Google’s software is a gamechanger. However, some relatively small additions often find yourself becoming fan favorites. One such addition with the potential to excite some users started rolling out over the weekend — Google Assistant can now read messages out loud from major third-party apps. Previously, it may only read SMS messages and would skip every other unread message. However, that is no longer the case.

In response to Android Police, some of the apps with access to the feature include Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram, although it seems a variety of apps are now supported. Plus, in addition to having your messages learn out loud from these apps, you can even answer them directly from Google Assistant.

If you wish to test the feature for yourself, grab your Android device, and say “learn my messages” to Google Assistant. You will want to grant Google notification access when you have not already. Once you’ve done that, a card will seem in Assistant with the latest message from any messaging app on your system, at which point Google Assistant will learn the text aloud. You too can see what app the message is coming from and who sent it.

You may then type out or dictate a response (without leaving the Assistant), send it on its way, and the notification will vanish. If there are a number of unread messages, the Assistant will cycle through all of them, switching between messages from different apps seamlessly. However, as Android Police notes, messages with mixed media won’t work.

Google has yet to announce or even discuss this update formally, however Android Police was in a position to use the feature on a lot of its devices, which makes it sound like the feature is at present rolling out to the public.