Spacesuits Are Ready For Astronauts To Ride SpaceX’s Crew Dragon

Most recently, NASA has printed pictures detailing a critical (and literal) dress rehearsal with astronauts Col. Bob Behnken and Col. Doug Hurley, set to grow to be the first astronauts to ride SpaceX’s Crew Dragon to orbit and dock with the International Space Station (ISS). This particular test centered across the means of suiting up in SpaceX’s iconic, custom-built spacesuits and simulated pre-launch procedures in a Crew Dragon simulator situated at SpaceX’s Hawthorne, CA headquarters.

On Thursday, an official NASA Astronaut account tweeted that SpaceX’s first two Commercial Crew astronauts had lately accomplished a dress rehearsal test of the spacesuits that they may put on throughout Crew Dragon’s inaugural crewed launch to the ISS. Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley participated in a full “suit-up & leak checks” rehearsal with their iconic SpaceX-constructed suits and the same Ground Support Equipment (GSE) hardware that will probably be used throughout Demo-2. This dress rehearsal additionally serves to familiarize the SpaceX and NASA ground support crew with the astronaut suit-up course of, and a number of technicians and flight engineers are seen in the background.

The brand new spacesuits made their press debut last summer at a media event held at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Not only are they uniquely stunning and modernist, however, but SpaceX’s spacesuits are also additionally designed first and foremost with functionality in mind. SpaceX employed its own group of seamstresses and targeted heavily on integrating 3D printing into suit manufacturing, leading to an end-product that’s simultaneously strikingly minimalistic and very usable. For instance, the helmets Behnken and Hurley are seen wearing use 3D printing to integrate extremely advanced life support programs, a built-in microphone, and speaker communications array, a seamless multi-hinged visor, and more.