China Reports Lowest Daily Cases of Coronavirus

China posted Wednesday its lowest number of new coronavirus circumstances since late January, lending weight to a forecast by its senior medical adviser that the epidemic could end through April.

China Reports Lowest Daily Cases of Coronavirus

World markets took heart from the scope; however, other worldwide experts are alarmed at the spread of Coronavirus, which has killed over 1,100 individuals, all but two in mainland China, and stated optimism could be premature.

China’s chief medical adviser on the epidemic, Zhong Nanshan, stated the numbers of new instances were falling in some areas, and anticipate the epidemic would peak this month.

Total infections in China have crossed 44,653, say health officials, along with 2,015 new confirmed instances Tuesday.

However, doubts have been aired on social networking platforms about how reliable the figures are, after the federal government last week amended guidelines on the classification of circumstances.

While Chinese officers stated, the situation was under control, WHO warned that the pandemic posed a global risk potentially worse than terrorism.

Hundreds of cases have been reported in dozens of countries and territories around the globe, including one death in Hong Kong and another in the Philippines.

The biggest batch of cases outside China is aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship isolated off Japan’s port of Yokohama, with about 3,700 people on board.

Japanese delegates Wednesday stated another 39 people had screened positive for the virus, taking the total to 175.