From Disneyland to Wall Street Every Aspect of Americans Life Affected by Coronavirus

From Disneyland to the U.S. Supreme Court, from Dodgers Stadium to Wall Street, nearly every aspect of American life got into turmoil Thursday as the coronavirus epidemic caused full closures and economic disturbance.

From Disney Land to Wall Street Every Aspect of Americans Life Affected by Coronavirus

As concern mounted over a rapid spread of the sometimes-deadly COVID-19 respiratory sickness caused by the pathogen, the U.S. stock exchanges started anew, professional and college sports leagues called off play, Broadway went dark, and many schools from Ohio to Texas shuttered.

The unprecedented shutdowns mirrored growing fears that the pandemic of the highly contagious pathogen, which has so far killed at least 40 people in the U.S., may race out of control unless authorities stop large public gatherings.

As firms locked their workplaces and despatched staff to work from home, fears of a recession rose in keeping with several U.S. infections, which leaped to over 1,300 Thursday. The concerns had been reflected in U.S. stock markets, with major indexes now in bear-market space – down at least 20% from their recent high.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a state of emergency, granting him new powers as the number of confirmed cases climbed to 95 in the nation’s most populated city.

From California to New York, delegates curbed large gatherings and closed museums and other establishments without saying how long the orders would stay in place, compounding the uncertainty.

After the Trump administration imposed sweeping constraints on air travel between the U.S. and Europe, Gabriella Ribeiro, a Wayne, New Jersey-based travel guide, stated she was addressing a flood of panicked calls from customers.