New Jersey to Follow New York, California’s Lockdown Directive

New Jersey’s governor was expected Saturday to follow four other states – California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut – demanding Americans shut shop and remain home to curb the spread of coronavirus cases.

New Jersey to Follow New York, California’s Lockdown Directive

The sweeping state-by-state public health constraints, unparalleled in breadth and scope, added to the distance being experienced among normal Americans even as the pandemic appeared to close in on the highest ranges of power in the country’s capital.

An aide to U.S. VP Mike Pence, leading the White House process force formed to combat the pandemic, tested positive for COVID-19; however, neither President Donald Trump nor Pence have had contact with the individual, Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, mentioned in an announcement Friday.

Pence’s office was warned of the positive test  Friday evening, and delegates had been seeking to determine who the staffer might have exposed, Miller stated.

The ally was not publicly identified, and the VP’s office didn’t instantly respond to a request for further details of the diagnosis, the staffer’s condition, or whether or not Pence would be tested.

The White House stated last week that Pence didn’t need testing after dining with a Brazilian government delegate who later diagnosed with the respiratory illness. President Donald Trump has tested negative for COVID-19, his physician stated last week.