Apple Accidentally Reveals Unreleased Feature in YouTube Video

Apple inadvertently unveiled the existence of an unreleased product, AirTags, in a support video uploaded to its YouTube channel today. The video, “How to erase your iPhone,” gives a tutorial about resetting an iPhone to factory settings. At around the 1:43 mark, it instructs users to turn off “Find my iPhone” as a part of the process. On the Settings page that then seems, another option for “Enable Offline Discovering” is shown, and below that, the text writes AirTags.

Apple Accidently Reveals Unreleased Feature in YouTube Video

AirTags, originally Apple’s Tile competitor, was already known to be in the works. Based on particulars and assets present in Apple’s iOS14 code, AirTags is considered to be small tracking tiles with Bluetooth connectivity that can be utilized to find misplaced gadgets — similar to Tile.

The difference is that Apple’s AirTags will work using deeper integration with iOS, along with within its “Find My” app. The tags will then appear in a brand new “Items” tab permitting users to keep track of things that are likely to get misplaced or stolen — such as keys, wallet, as well as a bike.

Based on other reports, the tags will feature a detachable CR2032 coin cell battery, also similar to Tile.

Apple has now taken down that video.

Apple’s intention to repeat Tile’s idea has not gone unnoticed by Tile.

The corporation Wednesday told a congressional panel that Apple’s anticompetitive behavior has “gotten worse, not better.”